Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why God, Why?

I must say that I do a lot of my thinking during meetings. Probably not the best time for my mind to be drifting elsewhere, but, oh well. If it weren't for meetings, I wouldn't have a blog. In one of my meetings today, I started asking myself, "Why God? Why Me? Why am I here?" (As a side note, in no way am I pondering the deep question of "Why am I here on earth?" It's more shallow than that. I'm simply asking, "Why am I here in this meeting?")

This then led me to asking myself, "If I could ask God a few questions when I get to Heaven, what would they be?" Here they are:

#1) What is the purpose of you creating alligators?

#2) Where are you?

#3) Why are we here?

#4) Why are some people so mean?

#5) What took you so long to take me away?

#6) Why do women suffer so much more than men? Yeah we ate the apple first, but geez...menstruation, childbirth AND menopause?!

#7) Don't you wish you could just shut people up when they whine and complain too much to you? Actually, you don't have to wish, you just could shut them up. Why don't you?

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