Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Misunderstood Introvert

I think that introverts are misunderstood and are often labeled negatively. I fall into the category of being misunderstood as I tend to be labeled a snob, bitch, grumpy, and unfriendly.

Many people need interaction for validation. They need to be around people to feel accepted, appreciated, and wanted. I definitely don't need interaction with others in order to feel like I belong, and quite frankly, I try and stay away from it. It's not because I think I'm better than the group or think that my time is too valuable to waste (which, is often times how I feel anyway) but, the plain and simple explanation is that I'm an introvert.
It's challenging being an introvert in an extroverted world. Here are 10 misunderstood ideas about introverts.

1) We're Loners
(No, we're not loners. We tend to be more reflective and thoughtful first, and then we can talk openly. Loners just don't share at all and want to totally be alone.)

2) We're Losers
(I might be a loser in other ways, check out my "Loser" entry, but being an introvert doesn't make me a loser.)

3) We are highly self conscious
(I'm not the life of the party or like to draw attention to myself, but it's ok if people look at me. I just look at them and say, "What, you jealous?") (I'm just kidding)

4) We tend to be shy & quiet
(Being a fundraiser has actually been a positive for me. I have a pretty easy time striking up a conversation. If, and, that's a big IF, I'm particularly interested in someone, I love to ask them questions, listen to their stories and learn more about them. Honest...No really...I do!)

5) We're hard to get to know
(Well...this actually might be true. I generally hate to get to know people.)

6) We are moody
(I think emotionally unstable introverts tend to be moody, but not ALL of us are. I tend to be moody, so, there you go.)

7) We're super rigid
(Introverts are just controlled & organized, that's all.)

8) Introverts are really pessimistic
(I think we're just honest. If your new haircut looks bad, I'm gonna say your haircut looks bad and that you should go to a new stylist. Why lie and tell you that it looks fabulous when it really doesn't?)

9) We're not changeable
(If you show me a better way, I'm amenable to change...but this whole Obama "Change We Can Believe In" crap is a no go.)

10) We're not responsive
(If you piss me off, believe me, you will get a response from me!)

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