Thursday, April 9, 2009

Would've, Could've, Should've

I was sitting in a strategic planning meeting for four hours today. During that time my mind drifted and various thoughts popped into my head. Occasionally, I'd think, "Man, my butt hurts," then, I'd shift cheeks. Of course "What the hell am I doing here!?" crossed my mind, too. Then, I thought..."Instead of being here, what else could I be doing with my life?" So, here's my list of what I would be doing, could be doing, or will do (one of these days) with my life.

1) I'd open my own business
(I'm not sure what kind of business, but I have a running list of 70+ entrepreneurial ideas that I can't seem to get myself to do as much as I want to. The other requirement is that I can work from home.)

2) I'd become a full time student
(I LOVE being in the classroom and long as I don't have to take any tests.)

3) I'd go to culinary school
(This would so be worth all the weight gain.)

4) I'd volunteer
(There are so many organizations that I wish I could volunteer at full time like the Humane Society, church, HBA, the Art Academy, etc.)

5) I'd be a personal shopper
(Instead of spending my money, I'd help others spend THEIR money :-) )

6) I'd be working out
(Instead of 0-2 times a week, I'd go 0-3 times a week.)

7) I'd go into teaching
(If I liked kids and didn't mind correcting papers, I think I wouldn't mind teaching)

8) I'd be an artist
(I love drawing and I wish I would spend more time pursuing one of my passions.)

9) I'd rethink about getting into the "non-profit" world
(Sometimes I wonder if taking a lower pay is worth the mission that you're working for. My theme song should be "For the Love of Money" by the O' know, the song from "The Apprentice.")

10) I'd sleep all day...just like Sparky
(I'm such a lazy ass that this trumps #'s 1-9)

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