Sunday, April 19, 2009

My New Goal

After lamenting about being a loser because I haven't accomplished any of my goals on my list, I decided to add one more goal. This goal, while some might claim it could be the most difficult to accomplish, is really the most important.

My new goal is to be a nicer person.

My goal for the next 30 years is to be a nicer person and to do this, I'm going to have a better attitude, be friendlier, and have less expectations of others. Here's my list of what I will do to be a nicer person:

Be Nice Goal #1) I will try to avoid thoughts of wanting to "accidentally" trip or slap someone that I don't like.

Be Nice Goal #2) I will bite my tongue and hold back from telling someone to shut up when I can't stand their irritating voice.

Be Nice Goal #3) I'll vow to not purposefully aim my car towards a cat on the road.

Be Nice Goal #4) I promise to limit thoughts of wanting to poke someone's eyes out (or my eyes) because I can't stand the sight of them.

Be Nice Goal #5) I'll do my best not turn the other way when I see someone that I don't really like or don't want to talk to.

Be Nice Goal #6) I will actually take the time to listen to what someone has to say rather than pretend I don't hear them (or, pretend I'm actually listening to them when I'm really not.)

Be Nice Goal #7) I'm going to smile with joy rather than smile with a smirk.

Be Nice Goal #8) I'm going to give less stink eye.

Be Nice Goal #9) I will offer to hold the elevator door open rather than press the "close door" button when I see someone rushing to make the elevator.

Be Nice Goal #10) I won't laugh at someone in front of them...I'll hold it in and wait till I can call my best friend to tell them all about it. Ha!

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