Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fascinating People

I attended a lecture tonight with Richard Parsons, the Chairman of Citigroup and former Chairman and CEO of Time Warner. He's the member of President Obama's economic team and has many prominent connections including the Rockefeller Family, Mayor Bloomberg, and Rudy Giuliani.

One of the cool things that I like best about my job is that I get to meet many interesting people like Richard Parsons. So, it got me thinking...what other fascinating people would I like to meet? Here's my list...of living people only...and the first question I'd ask them or what I'd say to them.

1) Michael Jackson
(Why did you cut off your nose?)

2) Tiger Woods
(Can you give me private lessons?)

3) Billy Graham
(How do you know that there's a God?)

4) Evan Williams
(How do you continue to come up with so many ingenious, entrepreneurial ideas?)

5) Harry Connick, Jr.
(Will you compose and play a song for me? Oh, and also include it in your next album?)

6) Oprah
(Why do you make it so damn hard to get tickets to your show?)

7) Stacey London
(You can make the oddest shaped people look fabulous! Can I PLEASE take you shopping with me?)

8) Suze Orman
(Will you help me, girlfriend?)

9) Jerry Seinfeld
(You're the funniest person ever)

10) Rachel Ray
($40 a day?! Are you freaking kidding me?! I know you wouldn't REALLY order the cheapest thing on the menu if you weren't doing a show called "$40 a day")

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