Friday, April 3, 2009

Once You Go Black, I Mean Mac, You Never Go Back

I feel like I'm still living in the dark ages. I recently opened a Facebook page (only to deactivate it 2 days later because I hated EVERYONE seeing who I was talking to and what we were talking about), I learned what Twitter was a few weeks ago, and now, I am entering my first entry using a Mac.

I love it!

Why is it that ALL Mac users look so cool? I feel so unbelievably cool as I sit on the couch and type. (I me "dork.") I'll be signing up for some tutorials at the Genius Bar next.

It's like being on a first date. I'm checking things out on here, figuring out what I like (love the feel of the keypad for starters) and what I don't like (menu bar changes as you change applications). But, it's the start of a beautiful relationship and perhaps one day, just like the road to marriage, you find the one you want to be with forever and you never look back.

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