Monday, August 31, 2009


I have a friend that says that when you use the "F" word, it just gets the point across. Sometimes, such simple words like "darn" or "crap" or even "$h!t" seem so inadequate. I agree...although, I try to save that word for very serious and extreme measures.

I've been having a lot of "WTF" moments lately...mostly at work...and, I mean, A LOT! Here's what "WTF" does NOT stand for: World Taekwondo Federation, Wednesday Thursday Friday, Welcome To Finland, Wow That's Fun!, or Where's The Food.

Here's my list of "WTF" moments:

WTF #1) I'm doing one third of YOUR job responsibilities, someone else is doing a third, you're taking all the credit for it AND you're getting paid how much more money than us?!

WTF #2) Donald Trump allowed Heidi Montag Pratt to perform at the Miss Universe Pageant and I sat there and watched it?!

WTF #3) Oh no you didn't just go out to dinner with the four of us and put in just enough money to cover your meal and NOT leave enough money for tip!

WTF #4) Did you just come into my house and help yourself to a Coke in my refrigerator without asking?

WTF #5) I let you cut in front of me on the Freeway and now you're driving 20 miles BELOW the speed limit?!

WTF #6) You're calling me a bitch and I don't even know you?!

WTF #7) I wake up on the day of my BIG event and have a HUGE, white pimple on the tip of my nose.

WTF #8) I know you didn't just let your dog poop in front of my house and not pick it up.

WTF #9) Did you just use the last piece of toilet paper, leave the roll, and make me get off the freaking toilet to get a new one?

WTF #10) Why do you have such a bad attitude?!

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