Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Speak Engrish!

I'm sure i've told this story to many people and, I'm gonna tell it again because I came upon a website that I think is hilarious.

I was making my way to Texas from California one year and I see this big 'ol, fat man with a cowboy hat and boots on coming down the aisle of the airplane. I thought, "Oh crap, I hope he doesn't sit next to me, cause if I have to pee, I'm screwed...I'm sitting near the window!)

Sure enough, the man plops his briefcase on the seat next to me, takes off his coat, puts his carry-on in the compartment above, gets settled and sits down. I try to make very little eye contact...I hate small talk...but I can tell he's looking me over and he says in a loud, booming SLOOOOWWW southern drawl, "Howdy little lady. Do-You-Speak-English?"

I thought of two things after this incident:

1) We Asians all look alike to Caucasians and
2) Isn't it funny that when FOB's say the word "English" they say, "Engrish"?

Check out It's a super funny website dedicated to English mistakes on foreign advertising and product design.

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