Wednesday, August 26, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Step aside Pierce Brosnan, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. I've got a new list of men who are on fire. Believe it or not, I'm rarely turned on by just looking at a guy. But, for some reason, I tend to get hot and bothered when I see any kind of photo of these men. Of course, most people will not agree. My taste in men is varied...I mean, one of them is rumored to be gay, but, hey, that's OK!

Here's the list:

1) Josh Groban - Need I say more???

2) Steve Byrne - Funny men turn me on.

3) Justin Long - He likes Mac's, I like Mac's. It's a match made in Heaven.

4) Luke Wilson - Yum-O!

5) Bradley Cooper - He may not be into me, but I'm into him.

6) Ryan Gosling - Damn you, Rachel McAdams!

7) Russell Wong - Asian Sensation

8) Michael Buble - Call him "Irresistible."

9) Anderson Cooper - He may not have taste in women, but the man knows how to dress.

10) SDO - The true love of my life.

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