Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Battle of the Hair-Do's

I have this love/hate relationship with 2 TV shows and it infuriates me everytime I watch it. But, I find myself watching it ALL the time, no matter how many times I tell myself that I refuse to watch it anymore. I know exactly when it's going to be on, everyone's names in the show, popular blogs that discuss the shows, the theme song or opening lines...Ugh! Can someone please take away my DVR?

Dog the Bounty Hunter

What is it about this Chapman family that resembles trailer park trash that I'm sickly addicted to? It's not Dog's mullet, or Beth's enormous, watermelon sized boobs. I definitely don't find it amusing to listen to cuss words being beeped out every other word that comes out of their mouth when they go on a bounty. I don't like the "wanna be" cop like attitude. Is it that I can relate to Beth's bitchy-ness? Well, she definitely wins the award for this one. Could it be that all they do is revoke bonds just to get 30 minutes worth of a show? I can't stand the fact that they pray to God before they go and catch a guy and 5 minutes later call him a "Mother Bleeping Piece of Crap."

I can't explain it. Please spray me with mase and knock some sense into me.

Jon & Kate Plus 8

I get really annoyed watching a kid whine and cry and scream and yell, let alone 8 kids. It saddens me to see the Gosselins self-destructing right before our eyes. It pains me to see Maddy and Cara starving for attention by throwing hissy fits on every episode. It irritates me to see Jon and Kate allowing their young children to become victims of their own greed. I thought I had an attitude but Kate is in the running for the "Attitude of the Year" award. I just want to cut off that awful hairdo that Kate sports...asymmetrical in the front and spiked in the back. They are now considered "Celebrities."

I can't explain it. Please hand me a pair of scissors so that I can either cut off Kate's hair or poke my eyes out.

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