Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Incredible Shrinking Belly

"Get Ripped in 90 days"

How could I not find this somewhat appealing?

I can just hear my brother saying, "Suckah!" Yes...I admit, I was inspired by the P90X infomercial of overindulgent men and women losing tons of weight and getting totally toned.

Who wouldn't want a six pack. I mean, I've had a one pack my entire life, and most recently added on a major flat tire, but, I can still hope for those washboard abs, can't I?

The first step is to take a "Before" shot. If you thought I was going to post that, I'd need to call you "Suckah!" I'm going for the P360X. When I finally get those washboard abs and when my arms no longer wave back at me when I raise my hand to wave to my friends, then and only then will I post my before and after shots.

Did I mention that I received this program in the mail over a month ago? I have yet to pop in a DVD to begin the exercise regimen. Did I also mention that one of the warnings that they have in their book says something to the effect that only those who are used to military drills and exercise can undergo this program?! What the f?

Stay tuned for the incredible shrinking belly!


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Unknown said...

Actually, the whole p90x thing really works! i'm not an example or anything, but my friend bought it and it worked really well for her. don't let them fool you though, they make the workouts seem REALLY easy.... but they are SO not! they suck... BAD and some of them are really long, but I'm pretty sure you could do this even without the diet