Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Introverted Sensing with Extraverted Thinking

Many people have been asking me recently what my Myers Briggs personality type indicator is. So, I took the test and whadda ya know...I am an ISTJ. Not surprising. What was interesting, though, is reading specifics about my personality. Everything that I mention in my blog are facets of my personality. Here are 10 things that I found interesting and true:

1) We're quiet & reserved individuals
-We tend to be organized and methodical because of our reserved & quiet nature. At the same time, we can have an offbeat sense of humor and can be fun to be around at times :-)

2) We're loyal and faithful
- Unless you screw me over, I'll be a constant supporter and friend.

3) We're dependable
-We have a strong sense of duty and therefore, tend to work long hours. You can count on me to get the job done...on time.

4) We're uncomfortable expressing affection and emotion to others

-I'm not so much the huggy type and tend to have a wall up. With my family and close friends, though, I'm a little more mushy.

5) We're not naturally in tune with our own feelings and the feelings of others

-Please forgive me if it takes me a while to figure out that I hurt your feelings or pissed you off. It takes me a while to figure out my own issues.

6) We're hard workers
-We put tremendous amounts of energy into a task that we believe in. We prefer to work by ourselves rather than with a team, however, we can work well with others...IF we have to.

7) We have a sense for artistic appreciation

-As many of you know, I love the arts.

8) Under stress, we fall into "catastrophe" mode

-I'm not sure if I actually fall into "catastrophe" mode...I tend to work pretty well under stress...I have my serious face on and no one better mess with me. But, in the end, everything turns out pretty well. I hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

9) We are easily frustrated by the inconsistencies of others

-This might be one of the biggest frustrations of my life.

10) We are vulnerable to criticism and have ice in our veins.

-Yes & Yes!


Anonymous said...


i am also an ISTJ and totally agree with everything you wrote! I absolutely hate hugging people (except very close loved ones)!!!

keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hello, this is very true to me too! I really agree that this fits my personality description perfectly. Great job.