Monday, March 30, 2009

Pet Peeves

Everyone has a pet peeve. You of those minor annoyances that is particularly annoying to you but not so with anyone else. Unfortunately, but probably not surprisingly, I happen to have more than one pet peeve. In fact, I have several. Ok...ten to be exact. Here they are:

Pet Peeve #1 - Tardiness
When people are late, this REALLY annoys me. When you're late, this shows total disrespect for the person you're meeting. To me, there is no such thing as being "fashionably late." I have a friend who is notorious for this and it infuriates me.

Pet Peeve #2 - State Workers
Let me clarify. Not ALL state workers annoy me. It's the ones who get paid the six figure salary, that my tax money goes to, who do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I happen to know a few where I work and it really shocks me to think that even though they have law degrees, they have NO CLUE what they're doing.

Pet Peeve #3 - People Who Talk & Laugh Loudly In The Workplace
One word-Inconsiderate

Pet Peeve #4 - Dirty Keyboards

Pet Peeve #5 - People Who Take Up 2 Parking Stalls
Don't they know that they're MORE likely to get keyed than if they had taken just one space?

Pet Peeve #6 - People Who Try To Use "Big" Words
My vocabulary isn't the best, but I don't try to sound smarter than I am.

Pet Peeve #7 - When I Can't Tell If Someone Is Male or Female
Perhaps this is my own problem because if they decide to go out of the house looking as though someone could mistake their sex, they probably don't give a rip anyway.

Pet Peeve #8 - When People Don't Make Eye Contact When I'm Speaking To Them
If I had boobs, I would understand. Let's focus, people!

Pet Peeve #9 - When Someone Asks You A Question & They Don't Wait For An Answer

Pet Peeve #10 - People Who Pick Their Nose In Public
Obviously Madame Secretary has no problem with this.

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